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Nov 18, 2018

Zach returns again to update us on the upcoming Stamp Out Cancer 2019! Including a WTL Contest to win 2 Tix to the big event with special guest "The Dirty Muggs"! And then its on... Zach had a snow day, he binge watches. So I asked him to do some homework, and we break down all the big ones... #GameofThrones, #StrangerThings, #WalkingDead, #BreakingBad... and then we each reveal our own #WTLTop5 shows and hidden gems you should all check out for your binge watching pleasure this fall/winter! It's fun, its banter, and it the perfect listen on your upcoming road trips to spend time with family. Post your Top 5 in the comments! Again, listen thru the end for this weeks Trivia Contest to win two tickets to Stamp Out Cancer 2019 sponsored by the What's That Like? Podcast. All answers/entries must be sent to me via FB Messenger by 12/2/18.