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Nov 4, 2018

Author Tom Corner has been a friend of mine for decade. But just recently, I feel like I really got to know who he was and why. Listen to this discussion between friends, as life events shaped who Tom was, and who he would later become, and lead him to a path to enlightenment. His recent book, "Borrowed Eyes and Feet", available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, is his personal memoir of his journey thru the tough times, self doubts, and fears that held him back. Our discussion is serious, yet fun. Personal, yet open, and I think he's got a great message for anyone trying to find their way and listens to internal thoughts and fears that may be holding them back. We also talk how to publish a book, and book signings! For more info on Tom, see his website at: His blog: Facebook: Twitter: @TECorner His book is available at Amazon: