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Dec 28, 2019

Its all in the title!   Zach Wygal returns and we cover the decade in review from a Central Illinois perspective... many things happened, we hit the biggest, we probably missed a few for sure... but we did our best to remind all of you of the things that were huge news, places, organizations, events, good things, many sad things, and we end it with predictions about the 2020s. 

Included topics and events discussed:   The Coliseum Fire, Power Plant closing, School Funding, Tornadoes and Weather, the Eclipse, Deer Run, and Country Classic Cars

Sports:  Junior High and High School sports, Kelsey Card Olympics, Justin Allgaier, Matt Hughes, & WSMI's Terry Todt

The Good and the Sad:   Fight the Fight, Stamp Out Cancer, St Francis, Turner Hall, HEIDI, Faith Hartsell, Cancer, Suicide, Opiods, and tragic accidents.

The Businesses:  Theaters, Bills IGA, Blackbird Bakery, Red Rooster, Opera House, Winerys, Restaraunts, Black Rabbit, Litchfield Pickers Market, Atlas 46, AllScripts... and more.

Thanks to all of you in #WTLNation, and feel free to comment on things we may have missed... we aren't perfect!

Brought to you by Opera House Brewing Company, Hillsboro, IL.