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Apr 6, 2020

This is a Classic Rewind episode tying back to our recent new episode with Brad Fiori and Shayne Isbell and their Excellent Adventures!   It originally was posted on 8/17/18.   Enjoy this WTL Classic!  

Brad Fiori made his money, quit his job, and decided to live life NOW, as opposed to waiting for retirement! Crazy to some... and inspiration to others. He tackles adventures as he can and he came on WTL to talk about his biggest journey to date. His circumnavigation the United States at the border... all 11,338 miles!

His journey was not easy, and certainly had challenges, but he found joy, hardships, challenges, the kindness of Americans, and maybe just a bit of the quirkyness as well! You should also check his Facebook group, "Mile, Mile and a Half", for a daily blog, pics, and videos. He will let you join so you can see it all! Just like this podcast... It's FREE! You can also follow his upcoming adventures which he details on this show.

Link to his page below! What's That Like? Podcast - The #WTLNation Discussion Page -