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Dec 2, 2018

An Emergency edition of WTL!   After the unexpected Dec 1, 2018 breakout of Tornadoes across IL, I called podcast friend and storm chaser Skip Talbot!   

On this episode, Skip recaps his chase day, we talk about the multiple tornadoes that formed from Staunton, Mt Olive, Litchfield, Hillsboro,  to Taylorville and the line from Bluff City to Havana.   Skip tells us why they form this time of year, and also the awe and dangers of Storm Chasing!   

We pray for no loss of life, and certainly do not like to see the destruction these storms cause.  Prayers to all.

Skip also highlights his non-profit, Storm Assist, and tells you where you can follow his adventures and reports from his chases.

His website and logs -

Youtube -